The Works @ The Portland Art Museum


The mission of the Portland Art Museum is to serve as a “platform for art in the city.” However, in its current capacity, it is limited to being merely a venue for the display of curated art. The museum needs to support the vibrant art and making culture of Portland, and improve its integration into the community.


This addition to the museum provides needed resources to local artists as well as to Portland’s creative public. It will provide flexible and innovative spaces to integrate people, artists, and the act of making as art.


  • Artist’s Studios
  • Workshop Space
  • Flexible Galleries
  • Public “Maker’s Library”
  • Auditorium
  • Hotel
  • Outdoor Installation/Exhibition Space

Instructors: Becca Cavell, Nic Smith

Site: South Park Blocks, Portland, OR

Term: Thesis, Winter/Spring 2014