Work: Building


My passion for making things and my education in ecological design led me to work in the construction industry between completing my degree at the University of Vermont and beginning my studies at the University of Oregon. I was fortunate in my employers, and I consistently found myself working alongside passionate craftsmen who cared more about the quality of their work and its impact on the client than on the bottom line. Working on crews ranging from three to eight people, I was involved with an array of projects, from University Buildings, to carbon-neutral ecovillages, to multi-million-dollar Tahoe lakefront mansions, to elementary school buildings in rural Laos. I believe in an earned mutual respect between architects and builders, and feel that understanding the principles of making enhance ones ability to design beautiful things.


  • Frame-to-finish home construction
  • Floors, roofs, cabinets, etc.
  • Photovoltaic Array Desing and Installation
  • Building Envelope Design
  • Post-Occupancy Evaluations